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150 Words Short Essay on a Bank Robbery

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Essay on Bank Robbery: Understand The Subject Matter
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An East Asian woman had been standing opposite me during the robbery. The guy tending his stall stood there for a second before rearranging some of his wares. There was something studied, deliberately unaware, in his movements. People continued to stream around me. I waited for the communal response, for the group answer the question those two men had posed: Was society more or less a lie? I was more shocked by the lack of response from anyone than the actual robbery.

Everyone who had seen the incident melted away. Central London on a weekday morning: Within seconds I was surrounded by people walking past who had no idea what had just happened.

I walked towards the branch, taking my phone out and dialing I was now in the bank. The driver, a wiry black guy in his early 40s, was on his phone. He was describing what had happened too. A young female bank employee handed him a small plastic cup of water. He was shaking slightly. I was embroiled in a confusing three-way process: London streets have the postcode under the street name; I looked out of the window of the bank. Units were on the way.

The driver was scratching something onto a pad he had, what looked like a pre-printed form. I finished the call. He was holding the clipboard up with one hand and writing with his other so couldn't apply enough pressure to write firmly. His 9 looked like an o and the v was only two-thirds complete. Two police cars arrived within about four minutes. I walked back out of the bank towards them.

The officers — all men — went briefly into the bank before coming back out with the driver. He went through what had happened. I stood vaguely by the memorabilia stall, too far from the officers and the driver to be a part of their conversation or witness statement. I felt slightly left out. Was this privileged information? Should I have heard that? I wondered if the robbers would be apprehended straightaway. Somewhere closeby, sirens started up.

Perhaps another unit had found them. The driver gestured to me. I thought that was pushing it. Another officer came over and took my details and statement. Giving my details in the street made me uneasy. What if a henchman had stayed behind to observe the follow-up?

The chances of this were almost zero, I knew, but I had read more than a few books as a kid where a child witness to a crime found himself hunted by bandits. Had he been white? I felt a jolt of commingled fear and exhilaration. It was down to me to set the narrative. I had decided that the robber was white. I left out the detail of it having been a Nike tracksuit; it seemed somehow frivolous. They were going to use her as a hostage. The woman resisted but she was overwhelmed by anger of the man, who grabbed her by the hand and slapped her.

It was terrible to watch an old woman being sandwiched like bread and butter. I noticed three of those who were outside come back in and headed to the door behind. The police had formed a mesh of security outside, and it was going to be hard for them to escape. As they ran to the door behind, two of them were gunned down and fell down, silent as grave.

The others managed to escape, having made the old woman come through a torturous experience. I have never witnessed a scene of shooting before.

I wondered why such young men could misuse their life, which was as delicate as flower for robbery. The police came in handy and asked if anyone had been hurt. Only the old woman had bruises in her face while the rest of us were fine. My dad too had been trapped upstairs and was safe. We went back home having watched a terrifying scene, which remained engraved in my mind for quite a while.

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As the story goes she and her girlfriend was on a motorcycle together and passed by a local bank in Bangkok, Thailand where they witness a bank robbery. They decided to stop to the nearest phone booth to notify the police.

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Essay on A Bank Robbery. It was early morning on Friday. The State Bank had just opened. There was quite a big rush of customers Related Articles: An Essay on the Bank.

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Mar 05,  · Essay on bank robbery is deemed to be regarded as a topic of conceptual study, wherein students can be asked to conduct a case study analysis based on any given scenario.4/4(81). Essay Writing Guide. Start writing remarkable essays with guidance from our expert teacher team. The Bank Robbery (creative writing) THE BANK ROBBERY Bob sat motionlessly, scanning the street from the car he had stolen two days ago, a nineteen eighties green Mercedes that no one would notice.

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- The Bank Robbery - Original Writing Bob sat motionless, scanning the street from the car he has stolen two days ago, a green s-class that no one would notice. He'd been parked in front of a grocery store lot for about 2 hours tracking everyone who went in and out of the Springfield Bank. Crimes in big cities like Delhi are increasing day by day Last Wednesday a burglary took place in the Punjab National Bank in Punjabi Bagh. The bank was crowded with customers. Two robber having.