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300 words essay on adult education and literacy

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❶It is with the educated and enlightened people alone that the country can progress in all directions.

What is Adult Education?

Importance of Adult Education:
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Sometimes, illiterate, unemployed people run to the towns and cities to work as laborers in industries and factories. They do not like to go back to the villages to get skilled in various ancestral trades and professions and work for a living.

The need of adult education or literacy: This is due to lack of education, learning and proper consciousness. When they are educated, they can take an active part in the development of their country-side in various fields and ensure the progress of the country.

There is a need for adult education, both formal and informal. In India, many adult people are illiterate. They are not able to develop their sense of awareness of many things that would help them in life.

There is no exact time to learn anything anyone can learn anything at any time and to educate the uneducated adults, adult education is introduced.

India is the 2nd largest country in terms of population and here the large part of the population is suffering from illiteracy and suffering from lack of knowledge and education. To reduce the illiteracy rate, or we can say to increase the literacy rate the system of adult education is introduced. Ignoring education is more sin than being illiterate and they are more burden to the society only. The most prominent the National Literacy Mission NLM , that was launched in to provide functional literacy to non-literates in the age group of years in a time bound manner.

By the end of the 10th Plan period, NLM had made It gives an opportunity to the mature ones after school to develop their valuable skills regarding their career perspective. The confidence and aptitude gained with adult education are valuable both in and out of the workplace. New learners benefit greatly from the slow speed news bulletin of the All India Radio.

It provides them with information of events in our country as well as throughout the world. The government also launched programmes to remove illiteracy through the involvement of students. In the year only eighteen per cent of our people were literate.

By the year , sixty-two per cent had achieved literacy. Some states like Kerala have achieved almost a ninety per cent literacy rate. Though states like Rajasthan, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh are still backward.

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Importance of adult education Adult education is an important aspect of the society that helps the people to be aware of the rights and duties towards the state. Apart from intellectual training, it also helps to instill common sense in the grown up people.

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Adult education refers the systematic approach towards educating the adult population and the enable them to read, write, and learn new skills. The problem of adult illiteracy: Adults are illiterate because they were devoid of education during their childhood. Thus, the root of .

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Essay for Students on the Importance of Adult Education Article shared by In India, education has been provided to a few fortunate people and this has widened the gap between a few literate and millions of illiterate people in India. So he renamed Adult education as 'Social Education'. In our country, adult education is imparted tinder two aspects: (1) Adult Literacy i.e. education for those adults who never had schooling before; and, (2) Continuation education i.e. education for those adults who had some schooling before.

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Importance of Adult Education and Ways to Implement It Essay Vimal Kaka [email protected] PERSONAL DETAILS Professional Highlight: I have a unique blend of having a Over All exposure of Operations & Marketing with The Hospitality / Hotel Industry. Adult Education Essays - Adult Education Education is the most important activity that every human should be an active partaker. Education is an activity that is designed to bring about changes in the knowledge, skills, attitudes and perceptions of individuals, groups or communities. Adult learning does not occur in a vacuum.