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School lunch

Healthy school lunches in America: The First Lady's perspective

❶Parents are tired and will feed their children processed food from the freezer or freeze dried out of a box because it is convenient and cheaper than cooking fresh healthy foods.

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What is the cost of a nutritious school meal in The United States?
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School Lunches Essay Argumentative Back to all templates. Introduction Starting Sentence Option 1: Experts with a variety of perspectives on school lunches can be found in the following arenas: Closing Statement Starting Sentence Option 1: Starting Sentence Option 2: The evidence overwhelmingly supports the fact that [summarize your thesis.

To enjoy the full writing experience with advanced features continue writing on WriteWellapp. Argumentative Essay - College. This leads to a very serious and harmful cycle that can be hard to break. Many families are fighting the change of our school lunch program. Parents are saying their children will refuse to eat the healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole wheat breads and pastas. Children nowadays think a cheeseburger, loaded with salt and French fries doused in ketchup, is a complete and healthy meal.

They have become so used to the taste of high fat, processed, salty foods that the option of healthier alternatives seems unfavorable.

We need to implement a new portion size with healthy food to the younger generation to help build a steady routine and desire for healthier foods, activities, and lifestyle in general.

Society can do an extraordinary amount of good for the kids across the United States if they change what is served in school cafeterias. Some schools should try to have recess before lunch. This way they have plenty of time to play and not want to rush and gorge themselves with food in five minutes so they have more time outside.

A typical school lunch consists of strawberry or chocolate milk, french fries, potato cake or other type of potato because that is what they consider a vegetable , a fruit cup stored in heavy syrup, soaked in an alarming amount of sugar, and. Instead students should see bowls of fresh fruit and vegetables on the tables for them to consume while they wait for lunches or to have as a snack sometime during the day. Their school lunches should consist of nonfat milk, a fresh fruit such as an orange, pear or maybe grapes, not stored in ten teaspoons of sugar, a fresh salad with green lettuce, not iceberg and a main dish that consists of nutrition and vitamins.

A plate of spaghetti made with whole wheat pasta, low fat content hamburger and a sauce that is full of hidden vegetables would be an example of a healthier lunch.

This new law sets nutritional standards for all foods sold in school. It provides additional funding for schools that participate in the healthy foods program and also provides local farms funding to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to their local schools. Within this bill the number of eligible children enrolled in meal programs for free or reduced lunches is increased. This is meant to increase the number of minutes per day children are active and teach them healthy life style choices.

Our schools need to implement the physical education class every day in our schools. One time a week is not enough to keep our children healthy. Your food ranges from good, to half cooked, to gross. I myself have had some unpleasant surprises. I used to eat breakfast in the cafeteria, and still do when bagel sandwiches are sold, but I now refuse to eat the French toast sticks.

I have chosen not to anymore because on two separate occasions, there was hair in my meals. Other things I have encountered are half cooked rice and mostly frozen pizza, while others have experienced things such as bad citrus, worms in apples, and molding bananas. I have no tangible evidence to give you, but I want you to be aware. While these things are not everyday occurrences, here is one that is. With the meals you serve comes a catch, we have to pay for it.

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School / College; School lunches; School lunches. June 2, But if students do decide to eat school lunches they need to be aware of what they are eating. This is a really good essay.

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Essay on Changes to the School Lunches at South Western High School - A student is sitting in class waiting for the glorious moment: the time when the lunch bell sounds. The students stomach growls and groans as it waits in agony.

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All Nonfiction Bullying Books Academic Author Interviews Celebrity interviews College Articles College Essays Educator of the Year Heroes Healthier school lunches would help prevent this. This sample essay will explore the difficulties in providing a healthy school lunch to students in America, analyzing their cost and desirability/5(3).

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School Lunches Essay Argumentative Free Essay Template. Free Essay Examples, Essay Formats, Writing Tools and Writing Tips. Persuasive essay Yum, yum; another school lunch While some of our foods are “out of this world”, we sometimes find nasty “here on earth” human hairs in our foods!