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Intermediate products under tariff heading 2204

❶It is also used as a gasoline additive.

Excise duties on alcoholic beverages

Intermediate products under tariff heading 2205
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Intermediate products under tariff heading Mixtures of fermented beverages with the addition of distilled alcohol Mixtures of fermented beverages and non-fermented beverages, not elsewhere specified or included, with the addition of distilled alcohol.

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• Intermediate products – All alcoholic beverages between % vol and 22% vol, which cannot be regarded as beer or wine. Generally fermented beverages to which ethyl alcohol has been added. Microsoft PowerPoint - Excise duty Alcohol - Author: kozum.

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Intermediate products. Intermediate products include port, sherry and vermouth. Alcohol has been added to intermediate products after the natural fermentation process. Different excise duty tariffs apply to sparkling intermediate products and non-sparkling intermediate products. Vegetable and animal oils (energy products) Products falling within CN codes to , if these are intended for use as heating fuel or motor fuel E Mineral oils (energy products) Products failing within CN codes 10, 20, 30, and

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The intermediate stage furfuryl alcohol condensation products may be modified. with the described furfuryl alcohol intermediate stage godliterature.tkdehyde: a toxic byproduct—Much of the research on alcohol metabolism has focused on an intermediate byproduct that occurs early in the breakdown process. Potentially toxic products resulting from the breakdown, or metabolism, of alcohol (chemically known as ethanol). The major alcohol–metabolizing enzymes are alcohol dehydrogenase and .