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Oral, Simple, Informal (and spun together from incomplete sentences)

❶Johnsy always leads her life as a pessimist. This style is the opposite of dramatic irony.

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This story also does have the devices of symbolism and imagery. Leaf deals with life, nutrition and growth as well. The symbol of shoes and icy cold is also used in this story. Shoes are the symbol of oppression, tyranny and death as well.

The writer uses this symbol to show the death of Mr. Imagery is also very close to symbolism but it appeals to senses and feelings. There is a lot of color imagery in this story. The image of white mouse is used for Johnsy because she recovers her health now. The white color presents innocence and purity. The system of this universe is based on two opposite things i. Pessimism deals with the darken aspects of life.

As optimism is totally against to pessimism, it deals with the positive ways of life. It also can be said that optimism and pessimism are the two sides of a single coin. Johnsy always leads her life as a pessimist. Sue consoles Johnsy and she consults a painter to paint the fancy of Johnsy in an optimist way.

The system of this universe is running at the idea of hope. We dream for future life due to hope. For example, if an old man is seriously ill still he is dreaming for his recovery because of hope. Henry is unique in many respects.

Henry uses 'surprise ending' or the 'twist in the tail'. Henry wants his stories to end in such a humorous or twisted manner. He is humane and he uses subtle irony in the description and dialogues. Whatever he wants to say, he is very clear; as writer he uses dialogues, incidents and characters for the development of the plot. He also employs flash back techniques of narration. Henry commits himself to the use of flash back profusely.

He also employs nostalgic memory, suspense, thrill and realism. Flash back technique is used in the first person narrative. Memories from the past are retold to another character 3. It is also used in the self explanatory style. As life is complex, O. The style of the writer is complex and inimitable. He is unique and possesses individual idiosyncrasies. Though they appear very simple, the deep meanings hidden in the stories are unfathomable.

The reader and Bob only know what is presented in the text. Therefore, the reader and Bob find out the truth together at the end of the story. This style is the opposite of dramatic irony. Dramatic irony is when the Dramatic irony is when the reader knows more than the characters. This is not the case in this story.

In this story, what we have is best described as situational irony:

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Essay on O. Henry and His Writing Tendency - Abstract This paper begins with a brief introduction to and his writing style. Then the author introduces the history background of O¡¤Henry and his life experience. After that the paper analyzes the impact of the above factors on his writing style.

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- O'Henry's style of writing is dark, mysterious, and untrustworthy, which is shown throughout his short stories, especially The Last Leaf, The Voice of the City, The .

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How does O. Henry achieve this effect? Basically he breaks grammar rules. There are lots of sentences that aren't really sentences, like the opening one: "One dollar and eighty-seven cents" (1). O. Henry’s stories are very interesting and are written in such a way that it carries the suspense till the end. There is always a twist in the ending which is completely unexpecting.

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O'Henry purposefully withholds the information that the policeman is Jimmy Wells, thus keeping Bob and the reader in the dark. The reader and Bob only know what is presented in the text. Therefore, the reader and Bob find out the truth together at the end of the story. This style is the opposite of dramatic irony. O. Henry's short stories are famous for their plot twists. In this lesson you will learn some of his techniques through a few of his well-known.