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Police Brutality

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❶Cite updated June 23 Police throughout the United States use firearms, beat detainees, use methods that make them choking, and use unreasonably brutal measures of physical pressure without sufficient justification.

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Research Paper on Police Brutality Sample
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Outline on Police Brutality. Toll-free for US only: The prices are given for High School academic level. Please, visit "Prices" page for the detailed prices. I A thin line is drawn between police protection and brutality II Lethal police shootings are a subject of hot controversy A. Thorough investigations are required, but sometimes details are ignored or over-looked B.

Strict rules govern the use of lethal force by officers, but, some of these rules leave discretion up to the officer and meaning can be skewed C. Police are trained to "shoot to kill" therefore, media's portrayal of police officers "winging" a suspect are false and inaccurate, leading to misinformed public D. The following consist of steps proposed to help prevent police brutality and excessive force in America.

The internal affairs departments should be improved and renewed in each police precinct. Internal affair departments are the most responsible for handling the problem of police misconduct. The first solution to improving internal affairs would be to re-valuate leadership roles. Internal affairs must conduct precise and thorough investigations to ensure human integrity is upheld.

Disciplinary actions against officers responsible for excessive force should be firm. Internal review activities should remain focused and documented each time a review is conducted.

The cost of this solution is minimal due to the fact that it only involves better management of a system that is already active. Police departments should revise and reevaluate its training exercises in order to provide a solution to excessive force. New training methods must be provided on situations that usually lead to brutality. Officers should be educated on how to correctly operate pepper spray, how to engage in post chase arrest, and how to handle in a non-violent way mentally ill citizens.

The effects of the newest police weapon technology, such as pepper spray, should be thoroughly investigated before being available for use by police officers. Training should utilize ways to deal with the effects of weapons used by police, including proper medical assistance. Trainers should be chosen carefully to ensure a more effective training policy. Complaints and allegations of any kind of misconduct should be considered when choosing new trainers.

Police departments must avoid choosing police officers with a history of violent behavior to serve as trainers. This solution is achievable and will help discourage police abuse. Cost of the revision of training is small because it just requires new training methods. A background check should be conducted to ensure that the police departments do not hire potentially violent police officers. Also, a tracking system should be implemented in conjunction with the background check.

This tracking system will prevent terminated problem officers from being assigned to a new position at another precinct. Police departments should be required to submit relevant information to a tracking office when an officer is fired for human rights abuses or when a police officer quits before a decision is made regarding the officers misconduct.

Recruiters must be required to check with the same tracking office before any applicant. An officer found guilty of police misconduct in any way violent or non-violent should be decertified. Desertification can be described as the process of making any certificates or licenses the officer holds invalid.

Officers who have been decertified cannot be employed as police officers again until they are re-certified. These solutions should be very effective because it filters out many potential problem officers. There are countless reasons why police brutality should be stopped as quickly as possible.

The first reason is because patrons are getting hurt due to police brutality. For example, the Rodney King beating of left the nation shocked as Americans got a taste of police brutality first hand. Yet only 30 percent of those who acknowledged such brutality filed formal complaints.

Police Brutality and Accountability in the United States. Today officers have a variety of police brutality methods. Most commonly there is the excessive use of force. But that is not the only type of police misconduct. Police brutality can take form in false arrests, malicious prosecution, failure of an officer to intervene, and sexual assault. Excessive use of force is the most common and what most people consider police misconduct, this takes form when an officer physically handles a civilian.

The pepper spray is less harmless than Tasers but can sometimes be used more t han is necessary. The Tasers are the big problem in America. Since around nearly deaths have come out of the misuse of Tasers. Tasers have in some cases not only injured the suspect but the police officer as well. When police lack this legal justification, the person taken into custody may have a claim for false arrest.

This claim arises because the law states that no one should be subjected to the extreme emotional stress, embarrassment, and financial expense often involved in a criminal prosecution that lacks a legitimate basis.

When an officer witnesses a possible presence of police brutality and does not report it to the superiors. This in turn becomes a type of police brutality, because just like letting a bully beat your friend up is wrong, a police officer allowing police misconduct to happen is illegal.

The officer could face charges if evidence is found that the officer witnessed the incident but did not report it. Police brutality is not a thing that should be taken lightly, but there is the law Section of Civil Rights Act which exists to protect victims from police attacks on their constitutional rights. Congress enacted 42 U. Under Section , a victim can file a lawsuit in federal court for police brutality. Section allows any person within the United States to sue a government official for depriving them of a constitutional right.

In police brutality cases, the following violations are common: An officer touching your physical person or even use of a gun is a "seizure" under the Fourth Amendment. Even a police CED may violate this right. Intentionally refusing to read a suspect their Miranda rights and interrogating them can violate this right.

Slurs and verbal abuse based on race can violate a suspect's right to equal protection. Victims of police brutality can sue any police agency or government institution under Section Depending on who was the one violating your rights you can sue: It may seem obvious, but you can sue the officers responsible as well as their supervisors for any injuries and violations of your rights.

These officers, however, in a lot of cases the officers do not get the blame.

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Police Brutality (English ) Search this site. Home; Home. Informative Essay. Informative Essay Proposal. Informative outline. Annotated Bibliography. Persuasive Essay. Persuasive Essay Outline. Persuasive Essay Proposal. Primary Reasearch Protocol. Sitemap. The biggest issue that is arising in America today with police agencies is police.

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How to Write an Essay on Police Brutality How to start How to write body How to conclude Outline sample Each essay has an implicit or explicit title or question. The essay should focus on addressing the topic at hand.

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Free and custom essays at! Take a look at written paper - Outline on Police Brutality. Police brutality can take form in false arrests, malicious prosecution, failure of an officer to intervene, and sexual assault. (“Police misconduct and Civil Rights”) Excessive use of force is the most common and what most people consider police misconduct, this takes form when an officer physically handles a civilian.

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