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Cosmetology Research Topics

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❶As a cosmetologist you usually would work a full work day. One of those being the customers.

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Although cosmetology still deals with the skin, hair, and nails, it has grown to include many other subjects such as nail technician, make-up artist, hair stylist, wig technician, esthetician, hair removal specialists or skin care specialists Life, 1.

Students enrolled in cosmetology courses at Jordan-Matthews, learn the art of styling, dressing, and chemically treating hair; creating artificial nails; performing proper skin care treatment; and applying make-up. They study the same curriculum that is used in community colleges and private schools, at a fraction of the cost. Students really only have to worry about buying two uniforms, shoes, and a kit with the tools that they need to execute practical performances Braxton, 4.

Most beauty and cosmetology schools require a high school diploma or something equal to it. Most students that choose cosmetology as a career to go into are surprised by the diversity of study areas covered in the curriculum.

A student can choose to go full or part time, but for most certifications hours are required to complete the basic cosmetology course. The reward for this career can be great once you have finished the course. People that do choose to go into cosmetology can benefit greatly from it as a career.

As a cosmetologist one would have to be able to cut and style all types of hair along with straighten, permanent wave, and color it. A cosmetologist would also have to be knowledgeable in the field of ethics, the division of cosmetology which includes facials, make-up application, manicures, pedicures, electrolysis, waxing and massage treatments Duffy, 1. On a typical day cosmetologists might perform certain duties such as specialization cuts, trims, and shapes hair or hair pieces, bleaches, dyes, or tints hair, combs, brushes, and sprays hair or wigs to set the style, they will also attach the wig or hair piece, massage and treat the scalp for hygienic and remedial purposes.

They will also recommend hair treatments lotions and creams. As a cosmetologists becomes more experienced they can expect to earn more cosmetology career information, 1. Cosmetology is a great career if a person is interested in hair and skin but they would also have to be interested in science and technology. Cosmetology as an art requires many skills such as arm-hand steadiness, manual dexterity, and finger dexterity, oral comprehension, near vision, oral expression, originality, speech, visualization, and fluency of ideas.

You also must have many active skills like active listening, service orientation, critical thinking, speaking, active judgment, decision making, social perceptiveness, along with complex problem solving, and coordination monitoring Hairdressers, 1. Technology in cosmetics has evolved a long way since Ancient Egyptians. It has evolved from sticks to design the eyes to brushes along with many other new inventions.

We now have a pressed-powder for our foundation that makes our faces look and feel light and silky made from a novel ultra-low pressure molding technology. The ultra-low molding technology named soft press molding got its name from three of its jobs; mixing the binder dispersion water and powder , soft compression, and drying the product by using soft press molding.

Furthermore, this powdery foundation shows a natural finish Abstracts, On April 10th, VMI-Rayneri introduced a new vacuum-injection process for dispersing powder-like solids into liquids or pastes that has changed how make-up is produced dramatically. This technique ensures that all of the powder going through the liquid phase is dispersed evenly into its holders therefore increasing production rates for make-up and decreasing investment costs for the powder since there is much less needed to be used Ondrey, Northwestern University in Chicago, IL, reported on a clinical study of 36 patients which showed that transcutaneous ultrasound technology can safely penetrate deeper into the skin than lasers and other light sources to produce noticeable skin tightening Cosmetic Therapy Update, The nm wavelength was specifically picked to match a relative absorption peak for hemoglobin.

With the PDL, blood vessels in the upper dermis could be selectively targeted and destroyed without significant damage to surrounding tissue. Pulsed dye lasers have been widely accepted and also improved. The use of slightly longer wavelengths such as nm, nm and nm produces deeper tissue penetration.

Other devices such as the argon, krypton and KTP potassium-titanyl-phosphate lasers have also been used for vascular lesions but are often associated with a higher risk of scarring Markus, A retrospective study of patients with hemangiomas a type of skin disease documented complications such as obstruction Garden and colleagues treated 33 hemangiomas in 24 patients in a prospective study with the ashlamp-pumped pulsed dye laser and concluded that early treatment may prevent enlargement and promote involution with minimal adverse effects.

They recommend therapy for patients whose hemangiomas impair function, cause disfigurement, or become ulcerated Markus, Although cosmetic technology has improved over time it is not always the best thing to use for our health.

The technology for cosmetics has come a long way, but not all of their chemicals have and some chemicals are not healthy for the human body at all. Most women love to go get their nails done at salons.

Despite years of usability research, electronic products do not seem to get any easier to. Professor of Experimental Psychology and a coauthor of the paper. Some believe it started with Cupid and Psyche, written by the Roman author Apuleius in the. Interview as a method for qualitative research The qualitative research.

Cosmetology instruction including basic manipulative skills, safety practices. Start the process by doing a little research. Impacts of papers cosmetology research paper period. Today's cosmetology draws on the knowledge from dermatology, biology, and other. Search analysis of reports and research papers in addition to the correct method.

Plato's golden proportions, however, haven't quite held up to the rigors of modern psychological and biological research -- though there is credence in the. International Journal of Scientific Research and Reviews. It also includes personalized review articles on the research. This year, it will be.

Want to have an excellent academic paper without special efforts? If you need a custom essay, dissertation, thesis, term paper or research paper on your topic. What is Beauty research papers examine the definition of beauty and the. Feasibility study for beauty salon - Use this service to receive your profound. Unlike reader measures below is widely regarded as a finding aid for the southern.

What is the definition of beauty? What is it to be beautiful? They are not wrong: Confidence allows self-esteem to increase , and grants the person more positive thinking in their view of life.

Confidence in oneself is needed to reveal the true beauty in every person. The perception of beauty is immensely broad, making it an exceptionally complex topic, as there are many ideas about beauty. For example, there is a certain ethnic group in Africa who believe having rings to elongate their neck is beautiful.

Also, bound feet in china are a well-known perspective of beauty. These are merely several ancient traditions of physical attractiveness; seeing inner beauty is another way to view beauty.

People are beginning to believe that confidence and beauty are interlinked. When they can see that amount of self respect, it makes everyone around you feel good and then what happens beauty radiates from everyone. How are beauty and confidence interlinked? This is one case on how beauty and confidence are connected. Subjective and objective beauty is vital, and when one feels positive and more grateful for their attractive qualities, they will be more confident, and their true beauty will be shown.

True beauty is confidence. Some people fail to realize this; however, the moral that confidence and beauty are connected is beginning to spread. Confidence will increase self-esteem, happiness, and pride in oneself, and the true beauty of the person will soon be revealed. I am a glamour girl through and through. I believe in the glamorous life and I live one. The most common definition for a cosmetologist is an expert in the use of cosmetics and beauty treatments.

Aside from hair styling, cosmetologists can also specialize in nail design, skincare or makeup application. Home beauty products continue to flood the market, but some are too difficult or risky for individuals to perform on themselves at home. For example, while the materials for applying acrylic nails can be purchased in many retail stores, without prior experience or salon tools the quality may not be the same as nails applied in a salon, and there may be potential for damaging the nail bed or cuticle.

The same principles may apply to hair color and skin-care services; sometimes the best look and quality are obtained from a trained stylist or cosmetologist. As aesthetics change, cosmetologists continually learn new procedures and techniques. For example, as spray tanning has become an alternative to damaging the skin with standard tanning techniques, many cosmetologists have added spray tanning to their repertoires.

With expansion of services, many cosmetologists continue to seek additional licenses for laser hair removal, the application of skin peels and massage. Others continue to practice with new hair implements and dyes as they come into fashion. These are some ways cosmetologists stay prepared to help their clients look and feel their best. What is the difference between a barber and a cosmetologist?

While there may be little difference between what a cosmetologist and a barber have been trained to do, there generally are limitations to which services they can perform. Why is cosmetology important? Cosmetology is very important because it doesnt only make a person beautiful from the outside as well. It also changes someone from the inside. It makes a woman feel beautiful, strong, and ready to take on any challenge in life.

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Cosmetology is a career I am really interested in. From research on the Internet and some books, I found the information I needed to know before making any /5(2).

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Cosmetology is a great career if a person is interested in hair and skin but they would also have to be interested in science and technology. Cosmetology isn’t only a job for someone; it is also an art that uses quite a bit of technology.

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The Beauty Within You Cosmetology is the professional skill and practice of beautifying the hair, face, skin and body. Cosmetologists bring out the beauty within each person by working on the human body. During my research paper I noticed different specialists for cosmetology. Being advance, being placed is usually a form of higher earnings that is a result as a cosmetologist gains experience or becomes a skilled specialist in more than one place is good.

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Cosmetology is a career having to do with skin care, hairstyling, cosmetics, manicure and pedicure. While many people can do, some of these things on their own, hiring a professional ensures a better outcome and helps enhance the looks of clients. Cosmetology Research Paper According to the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences, a cosmetologist is anyone. Cosmetology is the professional skill and practice of beautifying the face.