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Weaknesses of law enforcement techniques

❶They try to commit crimes in such a way to leave special signs and completed these crimes with their own style, often victims have had something in common — profession, race, gender, age, type of clothes.


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Research paper on serial killers
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The history has known a great number of serial killers who committed dozens of crimes and puzzled police seriously. The most common motive for serial killers is attention and fame seeking. They try to commit crimes in such a way to leave special signs and completed these crimes with their own style, often victims have had something in common — profession, race, gender, age, type of clothes.

The psychologists have investigated the cases of serial killers and found many common things connected with their character. Nearly every serial killer was neglected and abused in childhood and his crimes can be characterized like a revenge for the lost childhood and desire to make people suffer like the killer used to suffer being a kid.

The topic of serial killers is quite serious and interesting for every student who studies law and crime. Moreover, case connected with the serial killers are very interesting and useful for young people who study psychology, because every criminal suffers from a certain mental disorder, which makes him commit crimes.

So, every successful research paper should contain deep analysis of the behaviour of the killers, factors which caused to commit crimes and the consequences of the crimes it may be valuable experience for the police to investigate crimes of this way.

Students who have to prepare a research paper have many questions concerning its organization. First of all, they do not know how to start a research paper on serial killers properly, because it is really difficult to compose a good paper being an inexperienced student.

If one wants to complete a well-analyzed paper, he has to read much on the topic. The most appropriate sources will be books, articles in periodicals and publications dedicated to the problem and free examples of research papers serial killers. And as Sigmund Freud once said, "A child would destroy the world if it had the power" qtd.

As adolescents, fantasy takes the place of reality in the minds of serial killers "Evaluating a Psychological Profile". The ability to distinguish between what is real and true and what is not comes and goes at this point in their life. The youths become constant liars, telling people what they perceive, not what may have happened. They daydream nearly constantly Genesis. Although they tend to be clever, their lies and daydreams cause them to fail or simply scrape by in school.

This mindset leads the youths to become aroused by what is generally considered "disagreeable material" as teenagers "Serial Killer". Hardcore pornography, bloody scenes of violence and gore, and bestiality all sexually excite the young killers. At least one of the three symptoms of the Triad is shown in serial killers as adolescents. The Triad, being a common way to evaluate the likelihood of a youth becoming a serial killer, consists of fire starting, cruelty to animals, and bedwetting past the age of twelve "Serial Killer".

Edmund Kemper is an excellent illustration of the Triad. As a child, he displayed all three signs of the Triad. As a youth, he killed the family cat and put its head on pointed stick, he wet himself into his early teens, and he started fires in random places that he usually tried to later lie about "Index".

Before serial killers take the life of others, there is usually an event called a "pre-crime stresser" "Evaluating a Psychological Profile". Basically, this is an event that causes a large amount of stress for a killer. This can be the loss of a job, the end of a relationship, a heated argument, or anything else that may cause the killer to become very aggressive and uneasy. The first kill in a murderer's life is most important.

The killer does it out of curiosity "Serial Killer". He wants to see what it feels like to drain the essence out of another human. He finds that it releases his stress and makes him feel good about himself "Evaluating a Psychological Profile". During a "cool off" period afterwards, that can last for hours, days, or months, he becomes depressed and a new tension grows inside of him until he lashes out and kills again "Serial Killer".

The killers are classified as either organized or disorganized categories of serial killer. The organized types are normally highly intelligent and plan their work methodically.

They kill in one place and dispose the bodies in another. They have high degrees of control over the crimes scene with at least an amateur knowledge of forensics.

They tend to work until captured, and they are generally quiet and unsuspected. They hunt their victims like animals and perform their kills quickly "Serial Killer". One well-known organized killer was Ted Bundy. Between and he killed between 35 and 50 women in 5 states. An intelligent and cold man, he is known for putting his arm in a cast and tricking his unsuspecting victim into helping him to his car where he would bludgeon her to death with the cast "Index".

The organized killers are then again broken down into three sub-categories: Visionaries are the rarest type of killer as they are the only type that is actually insane. They are compelled by delusions to do their deeds "Serial Killer". He committed a violent sex murder in the army, but was acquitted on a technicality.

He was discharged and began his career at age 39 in Seattle. Between and , he raped, sodomized, and murdered at least seven young women, later saying that God came to him in a hood, which concealed his face, and that God told him to "kill girls who were whores" qtd.

Mission-oriented killers are the type that feels justified in their crimes because they are eliminating a certain type of people "Serial Killer". Often racist and sexist, they feel they know what is right for the world. One such murderer would be Joseph Franklin, a former Klansman and neo-nazi that killed fifteen people between and He targeted interracial couples because he believed they were a sin against God. He wanted to teach the proper ways to deal with blacks to the justice system he felt was too lenient on them Male Serial Killers.

Personal gain killers see gaining possessions from the deaths of their victims as a bonus to taking lives. They are broken again into two types: Hitmen, or freelance assassins, are paid to kill "Serial Killers". One example of a hitman would be Donald "Peewee" Gaskins. Gaskins was a contract killer from South Carolina.

Between and , he charged his employers a small disposal fee plus the price of a hit to bury the bodies of his victims on his property. Suspicions arose and the police dug up the bodies. Ironically, he was supposed to receive the death sentence but has remained alive in prison reportedly by gaining favor with the wardens and guards in return for performing hits on other inmates Male Serial Killers.

In general, the only reason female serial killers kill is for profit. One female serial killer would be Anna Marie Halm. Halm was an immigrant from Germany who offered her services as a live-in attendant for elderly men in Cincinnati. Over the years of to , she drained five victims of all their assets and poisoned them, with a different poison for each victim. She was caught and became Ohio's first woman in history to be killed in the electric chair in Female Serial Killers.

Unlike organized killers, disorganized killers tend to have average to low levels of intelligence and commit their crimes impulsively. They murder at any given opportunity, leave the body at the scene, and rarely bother to cover their tracks. They don't entrap the victim, but attack them. They seem a bit "creepy" and are the more obvious killers.

They enjoy slowly killing their victims "Serial Killers". Most disorganized killers are classified as the hedonist type. By hedonist, it is meant that they kill for pure pleasure "Serial Killers". These killers do the majority of the serial killer rape cases.

He was the famous "Night Stalker," the most famous killer of his type of the modern era. Convicted of fourteen murderers, he had been quoted as saying he killed for the fun of it An Application of the Research.

Another famous killer was Norman Collins, the "Michigan Murderer. Looking to savor his work, he would show up at the funerals of his victims and ask morticians if he could photograph the corpses Male Serial Killers.

Serial killers get a thrill from every life they take. This thrill gives them a sense of power and control. This feeling was in Edmund Kemper's veins when he, at fifteen years old, shot his grandfather out of curiosity and then killed his grandmother for an added thrill. Between and , the three hundred pound man picked up six students, all female hitchhikers, and killed them via smothering or shooting them.

In April of he killed his mother and a friend's mother with a hammer. He became so excited by his deeds that he performed necrophilia and cannibalistic acts on the corpses "Serial Killers". The sense of power and control itself comes from a feeling of possession over the victims. It's a very intoxicating experience" qtd. They are a part of you…You feel the last bit of breath leaving their bodies…You're looking into their eyes…A person in that situation is God!

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Serial Killers Research Paper Serial Killers: The Evil Inside Serial killers may live seemingly average lives, but they are con men/women. Their childhood, mental disorders, and social standing affect the very aspect of who they are. Research Paper on Serial Killers January 7, writer Research Papers 0 A serial killer is the murderer who has killed a great number of people, and his crimes have some common features and manner of execution.