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❶If your GPA is below a certain number, is it not worth putting it there?

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Jan 19, Messages: I hire all the time. SKumar , May 19, Apr 4, Messages: Davidk , May 19, Apr 12, Messages: I have done many resumes over the past half century, if you PM me and I can offer you some useful tips and advice. The best way, of course, is networking. There is also pseudo-networking e. Joseph, patron of working men, are very effective as well. Gidge , May 19, Sep 18, Messages: I used the format: Name Education Given my current order, does it make sense to have it at the top, before education?

Citizen22, Here's how you can improve your resume: Two of the headings you listed in your previous message are misspelled. Be careful - if there are too many mistakes on your resume, your chances of getting an interview will be slim. I know it is tough to determine the appropriate length.

From my experience as an accounting student , 2 pages MAX. White space - Leave enough white space so that your resume is easy to read. Use your own judgment in determining exactly how much white space to use. In my opinion, the references and interests section are not necessary. It is usually assumed you have references available upon request. Interests are not necessarily relevant to jobs you are applying for.

Delete these two sections, and use the extra white space to describe your work-related and extra-curricular achievements in more detail. Only include a "computer experience" section if you are applying for a job that requires extensive computer experience.

Otherwise, leave it out. Target your resume for each job you are applying for or at the very least, each type of job you apply for. As an accounting student, for instance, my resume looks slightly different for public accounting firm jobs and industry jobs. Use job postings as a guide for determining how to exactly target your resume. Your resume should highlight skills and achievements relevant to the job you are applying for.

Here is a good order of headings for your resume: Education Work Experience Extra Curricular Activities Skills only include this section if the posting lists experience with certain computer programs as a qualification or asset. How's your job search been so far?

I'm more than happy to throw in some comments but please keep in mind I'm not a manager or an HR professional. That said, I don't think it's necessary to "expand" your resume if you're filling it with entries that are irrelevant to the position. I assume you have recently finished school or are otherwise looking for an entry level position.

If that's the case, it should be expected that you don't have a heck of a lot of experience. I know I keep saying only include things that are relevant, but really, only include things that are relevant.

Everything you have listed: I leave off References and include simply 'References available upon request' to save room. Do you have a hundred or so cases or a case log? If there are special skills necessary to the job, when I interview you, I will ask you specifically about them..

Agree about dropping the Skills section altogether. Plus, it is overstating what you are actually able to do at your level, as the other poster said. Just keep the header and dive right into the list. I would suggest consolidating the descriptions for these rotations; you can list the two locations with dates and then have a single paragraph description or consider changing to bullet points, which can be easier on the eye.

Otherwise you are taking up valuable space with redundant information no one likes a loooooong resume, and CVs are more valuable if their length comes from other achievements, publications, etc. Keep it to 2 pages. Keep the focus on the specific duties, functions, procedures; this is what is translatable and useful to a potential employer.

You want to show off your knowledge, not fill up your resume with words and things that are germane to the clinical world and which take up space and aggravate the reader. Also keep the part about assisting with ER admissions; maybe mention that you helped with venipuncture, or performing EKGs, for example. Good list of procedures. Include those if you did.

Nice adjunct to your usual Cardiology exposure. Overall looks good except I would rephrase the beginning to say: Everything else looks great. Again, you can condense this beyond what you currently have. That is what the dates at the far right are for, to indicate chronology. If you want think you need to mention your time as a Clinical Student, then do it separately as its own entry.

All the other items seem fine. A word about spacing: Just make sure everything is consistent. Also, go through the whole thing at the end and make sure all your formatting is consistent so far it looks like it is, but always good to re-proof at the end of making edits. If you are going to use abbreviated dates, make sure you do that everywhere dates occur. Leadership is a valuable thing to showcase. Just a student but my advice would be try to make it more concise.

Also are your references listed on a separate paper? If not list them. I am not sure what area you are looking to work in but you should tailor your resume to whatever specialty that might be. So for instance if you are applying for a job in family practice drop all the clinical rotations that aren't general med.

If they are looking to hire a family practitioner they don't care about that surgery rotation where you were first assist 20 times. Also since you aren't listing all 10 of the rotations you did you can expand on the descriptions of the couple of the rotations you are listing.

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Jan 09,  · The efforts you put in to the layout will really help it get noticed, and everything about it works really well together. It looks a lot better than 95% of the resumes I review, including those from very experienced professionals. Jul 14,  · Resume Help. Forums Formal, General & Business Letter Writing 2 3,; Hello, I'm trying to get a new job since my last job ended this past tuesday, and I was wondering if there is anyone who could help me with my resume, I have tried manytime to do it but it just doesn't seem to be correct.

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Apr 17,  · I have no fucking clue what I'm doing here so I'd appreciate whatever help you blades have. I'm just trying to find regular jobs on craigslist, but. Mar 31,  · Hi, I seem to be unable to download a resume template from Office Live Workspace. Any Help? Regards lriecks1.