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Stay-At-Home Mom Resume Sample

Choose the Best Resume Format

❶List any part-time work or volunteer roles on your resume. Just be sure to make it clear how your volunteer work produced results.

1. Stay-At-Home Mom Resume Samples

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During my 4 years as a Stay-at-Home Mom, I remained active by accepting telecommuting projects related to customer service work managing chat and email support and social media moderation for various online based clientele. Married with 1 child Date of Birth: November 5, Hobbies include swimming, cooking, Pilates. If you had planned to go back to work right after baby is old enough for formal education, you should find ways to stay sharp.

Your Stay at Home Mom skills list should show the recruiter how you continued to work on your proficiencies as well as relevant attributes gained from motherhood. Your Stay at Home Mom resume objective plays a very important role in overcoming the disadvantages of having such a large unemployment gap.

Please review our sample resume objective for Stay at Home Mom. She continued to find work as a telecommuter providing customer support services for various clients. Thus collectively, her total experience in CS work totalled 6 years in the formal work setting plus 4 years as a telecommuter or 10 years!

Although we used the reverse chronological approach to summarize the work experience and educational sections, the extensive use of the resume objective gives our Stay at Home Mom resume format elements of the Combination. Our first objective in preparing the example resume for Stay at Home Mom is to clear the air surrounding the extended leave of absence from work.

Hence, our resume objective was typically longer and more detailed. Our second objective is to create an impression that Margaret is still primed and ready for work. The advantage of the reverse chronological format is that it presents information starting from current then moving back which is effective in showing career growth. However before anything else, here are a few things you should consider: In an entry level resume for Stay at Home Mom, you have to use the Functional format to highlight your strengths and qualifications.

The sections of your resume should be arranged as follows: If you want to find work, never submit a generic looking resume! Her work history opens with the fact that she was self-employed. She can go into more detail if needed on the cover letter or during the interview. Even if your work experience is a little lacking, the above resume style is OK for you as well, but you have another option too. The next style of resume is even better if your education is relevant to the position for which you are applying.

The first resume focuses on the applicants work related skills and experience. If yours is limited, you can instead start with your education. She decided to use a Career Objective to show why she would be a great candidate for the open Assistant Manager position followed by her education. Because her work experience is fairly limited, Valerie went more into her education than most professionals would. She listed her GPA because it was over 3. An organized and motivated Customer Service professional with over 6 years of experience in consumer relations.

Aiming to parlay my proven customer service background and communication skills to effectively fulfilling the requirements of the Assistant Customer Service Manager position. It gets even more complicated if your education is limited as well. Different women approach being a stay-at-home mom in different ways.

The same should be said about how to choose the right format. Some moms keep themselves busy by volunteering or serving their community in other ways. For these moms, look to our sample for stay-at-home moms with continuous work experience. In our sample, she uses a resume objective and a format that brings her experience and transferrable skills right to the forefront:.

Conversely, some moms will have a gap in their work history. For those that chose this route, a combination format is the best for this because it draws focus to your skills, and less on work experience.

This is a great way to have the gap in your work history out in the open without drawing too much attention to it. Note how the professional profile and skills sections are pushed to the top of the page:.

Any questions about these gaps can be cleared up in the interview or your cover letter. Depending on what your stay-at-home mom situation is, make sure you use the format that lets the employer easily see the best in you.

However, they often underestimate what they have accomplished. Despite not being a nine to five job, those activities you took part in required exercising valuable skills that are easily transferrable to a prospective job.

Don’t: Use a Functional Resume

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Check out these stay at home mom resume examples to help you get a new job. How to Write a Stay at Home Mom Resume. By Resume Genius. Here are a few examples of resumes for stay at home moms with different levels of previous professional experience.

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For some stay-at-home moms, being at home with the kids meant a break in full-time, salaried work, but did not mean a break in paid work. If you've worked on a contract, temp, or freelance basis, that's absolutely relevant information, and should be included on your resume.

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Stay-At-Home Mom Resume w/ Continuous Work Experience Conversely, some moms will have a gap in their work history. For those that chose this route, a combination format is the best for this because it draws focus to your skills, and less on work experience. The latest figures from the U.S. Census Bureau indicate 5 million women and , men are stay-at-home parents. Although the Census Bureau doesn’t track the number returning to work, hundreds of thousands of parents decide to venture back to the workplace every year.

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A big part of creating a resume if you're a stay-at-home mom is choosing the correct format. Loeber cautions against using a chronological format (a date-by-date listing of your past employment. My first resume was pretty traditional and I the woman I interviewed with glared at me and said, "I wish I could just stay at home with my kids, but I had to work." My second resume listed "Mom on Call" and included all the volunteer jobs and mom related activites for all those years.