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The Homework Debate

The Case for Homework

❶In his early meta-analysis, Cooper a reported the following effect sizes p. Having the entire afternoon and evening to do the homework is comforting and lets the child manage their time correctly at their own pace, instead of the intervals at school.

The Case Against Homework

Standardized Testing
Does homework improve student achievement?
Yes homework works

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Learn more about the case against homework. Studies show that homework may not help students learn and adds hours to their day. Learn more about the case against homework. Room A Blog by Concordia University- Portland. The Homework Debate: The Case Against Homework.

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Fear not homework is the best solution to this godliterature.tkts should get homework because homework is a great preparation for tests, you will have a better understanding about the topic, and its a productive way to spend your spare time.

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“Homework is all pain and no gain,” says author Alfie Kohn. In his book The Homework Myth, Kohn points out that no study has ever found a correlation between homework and academic achievement in elementary school, and there is little reason to believe that homework is necessary in high school. In fact, it may even diminish interest in learning, says Kohn. History of the homework debate. The homework debate has gone in cycles (Cooper, Robinson, and Patall ) since the late s, when children in elementary school (then considered to be grades one through four) rarely received homework and those in grammar school (grades five through eight) typically received two to three hours' worth each night (Gill and Schlossman, ).

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The good news: In an effort to answer this question, researchers have been doing their homework on homework, conducting hundreds of studies over the past several decades. The bad news? Despite scores of studies, definitive conclusions remain a matter of some debate. Homework does not help teachers. I think homework isn't even necessary. Articles say that homework helps teachers figure out a student's flaws and what they need help on.