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Brainstorming Tools for Content Writing

❶Or you can directly commission a specific writer for your content and negotiate price and delivery with that writer. After you make all the tweaks, you can download it as a.

Top 10 academic, content writing companies in India

Editing and writing tools to make your content sparkle
We bring decades of proven industry expertise in driving our investment approach.
Some Final Tips

Google Search Console provides detailed analytics on the frequency of your blog visits. They allow sorting out data by country and device and find out what search queries your blog guests usually type in.

Last but not least push notifications are a great way to get people to your site. Text alone is bland. You need images, memes, infographics, videos, etc. Make your content pop with these multimedia content tools. The easy learning curve is where Canva shines, allowing you to create visual content such as presentations, posters, infographics, and cover images for all of your social media accounts, thanks to its wide variety of templates.

Infographics are hugely popular right now, not just because they offer easily digestible information in a visually pleasing form, but because their looks go along with the current trend of flat design in pretty much everything. There are many complex graphic-design tools out there. But Venngage is a free online graphic-design tool ideal for the non-designer. For complex data visualizations, users can choose from a number of chart and graph templates that are easy to modify.

For marketing material, users will find templates for posters, flyers, brochures, social media headers and posts, and blog headers that they can personalize. And for business content, there are templates for marketing and sales reports, white papers, product roadmaps, presentations and more. Designing an infographic to visualize certain data or an entertaining message can be time-consuming.

But infographic is also worth the effort because this type of content has proven to be highly shareable if done well. To simplify the process of its creation, Easel. You can add, remove and edit each infographic element the way you need it. The tool allows applying a grid so you can position each object or text symmetrically. After you make all the tweaks, you can download it as a. Should you need to change an already published infographic, just head to your account and upgrade it.

There are hundreds of templates for creating graphics to fit social media, newsletters and blog posts. The service claims to add high-resolution photos to its database daily. Snappa stores graphics you create and allows going back to your custom designs whenever you need to edit or re-use their design elements. To glue your fans to your social media page, Snappa offers to schedule image posts via its app.

If you are good at photography, you can upload your masterpieces, tune them up by adding special effects and get them posted. The key is to catch the right moment and make a funny meme either from scratch or by using existing templates. Memes have become a cultural phenomena that you can use to spark emotion and drive reach in social media. Videos, and especially video tutorials, are among the top viewed content on the Internet.

But for your blog readers to view and share them, they must be of high quality and show how to achieve a goal by following simple steps. One of the tools suitable for this purpose is Camtasia. It allows recording only those parts of a screen you choose. After recording, Camtasia divides audio, video, and microphone into separate editable tracks. You can distribute the video further via your preferred channel such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Podcasts are effective, yet an extremely underrated way of delivering content to your audience. They allow you to share large volumes of information that would have been too much to process in the written form. However, to create a podcast, you need to have decent audio editing skills. You can also rely on one of the many apps designed for that very purpose. If you prefer the latter, give Spreaker a try, which will allow you to create podcasts in a matter of minutes.

To do list, calendars, workflow organizing, file sharing, all you need to keep your editing process on track and on time. Make sure you meet all the deadlines. To get into the habit of planning your blogging activities well ahead is crucial. Digital organizers can help you tackle many tasks with ease. Wunderlist is among such tools. It can keep your ideas well structured and remind you of other tasks you need to do.

Wunderlist can also transform your emails into to-do lists, move them between folders and add notices. Share your lists with others, or print them out with just one click. Most of us use Gmail, and many have also gotten used to using Google Calendar for planning. Why not turn it into a daily planner for your blog publications as well? Schedule posts for exact times and dates, and write down topic ideas for upcoming posts. The calendar allows you to make to-do lists and schedule events.

Furthermore, you can sync a calendar on your mobile device with your Google Calendar. Should you be fond of stickers, you will definitely find this tool helpful. Divide your digital cards with notes into four categories: Drag and drop them the moment their status has changed. What can be better than an online file storage accessible from any device? Moreover, the tool is good for exchanging videos of big sizes and working jointly on the same presentation or post.

Here are the sites to browse for inspiration. Create reading lists that inspire and help you get a new perspective. With this tool you can always stay aware of the latest news related to your interests and domain of expertise. Feedly lets you create your own feed by following blogs, authoritative websites, and YouTube channels. Set keyword alerts for your blog, article, or name mentions to know who is talking about you. Trending Topics is one of the sections on your Twitter homepage that gathers information about the most up-to-date topics.

You can also take advantage of hashtag searches for the content relevant to your professional sphere. Alltop is a never-ending source of inspiration. It contains publications of top sites and keeps them categorized by topics such as Tech, Culture, Sports, Science, and Fashion.

According to Alltop, you have a chance to make a personal collection of 32, information sources. In spite of its rather primitive user-interface, Reddit is still used across the globe to discuss burning topics. You as a blogger will benefit much from taking part in its discussions, and can even go there for expert advice.

Many bloggers and writers use this platform to observe which headlines get the most responses from readers. Find out how to use Reddit in your content marketing strategy. These brilliant tools will become your reliable assistants and bring much relief when coming up with new topics, designing infographics, and other content. You will save a lot of time, which means you can focus on the quality of your content.

Keeping fresh content flowing is one of the biggest challenges you face, so use these tools to meet that challenge head-on! Antonio Tooley is a blogger and a consultant who provides writing assistance to job seekers. He loves writing about marketing, education, and productivity. He will be happy to meet you on Facebook and Twitter. Leona Hinton is a young blogger and educator from Chicago. Utterly in love with adventures, she also likes to express her feelings in writing.

Inspired by classic literature and smart talks with people, she is happy to share her professional experience. Feel free to contact her on Facebook and Twitter! He's also writing on a personal growth website Fixwillpower. He has spoken at hundreds of seminars and conferences on different aspects of internet marketing. Priit is also the organizer of Digital Elite Camp , a leading traffic and conversion event.

These all are very useful for content writing and their services. Thank a lot for the informative information. Keep Posting and sharing your ideas. Cheers for taking the time! This is the most helpful post I have seen regarding this topic. Excellent work in compiling all of this information. For words counting and text pre-processing I would suggest goo. Let me know whether you find it useful or not.

Very useful list of content writing tools. We use most of these apps at my company Speedypapers. Good advice for everyone engaged in content writing and website promotion. I am using these https: Thanks a lot for including Power Thesaurus. I still think that unplag. But now its name is Unicheck www. The check speed is one of the best among others. Also they have a new price policy that can satify everyone. A few days back I was reading a blog of Neil Patel and from that day I have been using Hemingway app tool which is quite effective and helping me to write effective content.

I will recommend this tool to everyone. I have noticed that when I started using Hemingway, my writing style improved and now I write easier texts to begin with.

I love your blog.. Did you create this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Thanks for sharing this massive list of tools for content marketing my friend. I second your thoughts. Content writing tools are very important for every business especially startups looking for the favorable grounds breeding success. These businesses should really consider business plan writers for hire, who can stay by their side as they step forward to their goals and objectives.

Never heard of IdeaFlip before. Seems to be similar to Realtime Board https: We also use Trello https: These guys just rock.

As for creating visuals, Animatron https: A must-have for any content manager. Wow, such a nice post, Antonio. You should also check out this plagiarism detector https: Another tool that I absolutely love is Hemingway Editor http: Try removing needless words or splitting the sentence into two. Your readers will thank you. Your email address will not be published.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Updated July 12, Content writing is a challenging task. One of the most valuable habits you can have is a Daily Writing Habit! To help you get started we have created a 30 day long email program that will keep you on track. Every day for the next 30 days we will send you a writing prompt.

But occasionally we add some free writing and other stuff, too. Sign up for your day writing challenge. Content Marketing Mastery Ultimate Guide Grow your business, brand or message with content. Company profiles, website content, articles, blogs, newsletters and advertisement copywriting. Resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, personal profiles and personal branding.

Student resume, SOPs, recommendation letters and assignment editing services. Professional Content Writing Services: Words written by us are easy to understand and contain the information readers look for.

This is the area in which we specialize. We know how to connect business and prospects by the strategic art of creative writing. What we scribble is always optimized to fulfil your needs and maximize your ROI. We are passionate about delivering high quality wordings to optimally realize the aspirations of our clients. We ensure that the content justifies your expectations and hence have instituted a number of quality checks.

Best Content Writers in India Each writer has a degree in creative writing under his belt. Generic or cookie cutter writing is simply not acceptable to us. Thorough research is undertaken to verify the relevant facts and the content flow is arranged to appeal to audiences of different temperaments, demographic and geographical backgrounds. In line with Brand Vision Words can engage audiences only when it reflects the sincerity of the brand owner. Our content writing services India see to it that the words chosen, language tone used, and information flow finalized have the distinctive presence of the intent of your brand.

We appreciate the fact that first impression is the last impression.

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Given below are top 10 academic writing companies/agencies in India that offer content writing, academic writing and content marketing services "Content is King" and there's no point in doubting it. Right from the beginning content is considered essential in not only bringing a website up in ranking rather converting a visitor into prospective customers. Hire the best Content Writers Work with the world’s best talent on Upwork — the top freelancing website trusted by over 5 million businesses. Get Started How It Works/5().