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How to Make a Proposal to Your Boss About a New Position

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❶The common denominator is again hours, but looking at it in a different manner might help you justify the need for help. This will keep things consistent when submitting your materials.

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The Position Justification Form
What's a business case?

Determine who should write the business case. Typically, one or two people take on the duty of writing a business case. With just one or two writers, the tone and style of the business case will remain consistent. The writer s should have knowledge and expertise regarding relevant business operations, and must be open to accepting input from other team members and business leaders.

Part Two of Three: Write down the problem statement. This statement should provide a straightforward explanation of the identified business problem or issue, and discuss the business areas that the business case must address for successful implementation. For example, if the business problem is the need to generate additional lines of revenue the problem statement should begin with a statement that: Create a proposed solutions statement. Express the projects and options proposed by the group as a solution to the business problem, goal or issue.

Include what should be accomplished by implementing the proposed business case plan. Indicate what is needed to implement the solution or project, including items like a monetary budget and increased labor numbers. Anything that is needed to complete this solution should be explained in the proposed solutions statement. Include information about meetings with surveyed departments and target audiences. Provide detailed timelines and time frames for successful project implementation and completion.

Provide ideal dates and worst-case scenarios for plan implementation, as well as a more general time frame for business case plan implementation and completion. Explain the potential consequences and losses that could result from the plan not being implemented.

Draft an executive summary. The executive summary is the first, and most important part of the business case. The executive summary will contain the major considerations that will be later discussed in more detail, including the timeline for business case implementation and completion, as well as the projected benefits and costs of business case implementation.

Part Three of Three: Edit your business case draft. After you have completed a first draft of your business case, your next step should be to carefully review your business case for any unnecessary language and grammatical errors. Make sure your business case is formatted in a manner that is easy to ready and clearly displays each of the separate business case sections in underlined or bolded text.

Present your business case to the personnel who will be instrumental in implementing the business case plan. Get the agreement and feedback of those who will be responsible for implementation. Although, they are not usually the decision makers, the best way to ensure that your business case will be successful is by making sure that the personnel responsible for implementing the plan have the opportunity to review the business case and offer suggestions for changes and other feedback.

Present your business case to final authority. Your business case should be presented to the management professionals who are responsible for providing approval for new business strategies or plans. Begin with the problem, issue or goal that your business case is addressing. From there talk about the resolution provided by your business case, as well as the different options, and steps that must be taking to bring about resolution.

Brainstorm in advance about any potential concerns that management may have about implementing the business case plan. Make sure to address these concerns during your presentation, instead of waiting for management to raise their concerns. Can you share an example of a simple format?

What is the best, most user-friendly, professional video-editing software available for tapeing workshops and presentations? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Quick Summary To write a business case, start with a straightforward explanation of the problem, issue, or goal. Brevity is always a virtue.

As a matter of fact, a business case does not have to be a written document at all. It could be in the form of a verbal message, but the structure and the content is, nevertheless, the same as if it were written up. Think about it, you present and hear business cases all the time, with your children, parents, significant others, friends, and colleagues. Did your teenage daughter convince you that she can't possibly survive without an iPod?

Besides, Dad naps all the time anyway. I have been asked so many times about the best structure for a business case that we have placed a template onto our corporate website www. It consists of the sections I will describe here, and you'll find that it is quite flexible.

Nothing is really set in stone, including the headings. This is an important point, because flexibility is what you need to put a truly convincing case together. A business case is not a government form in which you tick boxes as you answer a gazillion questions; it's a medium for your brilliant business thinking.

Always written last, the Executive Summary presents the essence of the business case, in a condensed format.

Pick the most important points that allow for a coherent picture, but strive to keep it concise: Certainly include objectives, proposed solution, benefits and costs, risks, and key dates. This section can be structured in a few of ways. The first approach is appropriate for cases that deal with correcting a wrong. Describe the current situation and explain what the adverse impact is, be it of a financial nature or otherwise.

The second approach, more suitable for cases that deal with new opportunities or mandatory changes, where the status quo is not necessarily deficient, is to use the following structure:. The third approach, most appropriate for new opportunities, is to state what the case is proposing and describe why it is being considered.

List several alternatives you considered, complete with benefits and costs, and risk assessment. Show how they align with such considerations as corporate and business unit strategy, vision, current priorities and other factors discussed in the blog I mentioned at the start of this piece. You should use your judgment and include the appropriate amount of detail so not to overwhelm the reader and yet provide enough information for effective decision making.

This is the old "know your audience" maxim, and it rings especially true here. It's usually appropriate to provide some ideas on how the implementation of the preferred solution should proceed, to show that you're presenting not a pipe dream but a carefully thought through solution. Rarely is it necessary to create an exhaustive plan, unless specifically required by the decision makers. Include all supporting information, such as cost benefit analyses, reference materials, calculations, and charts.

The importance of a business case to its author is enormous. Present a solid business case, and you have positioned yourself as knowledgeable thinker and innovator. If noted by the decision makers, a promotion is certainly possible. In a case of a consultant, there will be repeat business.

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Jul 01,  · When proposing a new position to your boss, focus on the need, the benefit and the specific skills you bring to the role. 1 Write a Job Proposal for a Management Position; If you are asking for a role as marketing director, you might note the lack of promotional opportunities for the business, the cost of hiring an outside.

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Need some new talent? Before you start writing that job posting, you have to convince the C-suite. Use our guide to build a business case for a new hire.

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Create a business case for opening a new position that does not currently exist – or was not included in the current year’s budget Justify additional staff for the next fiscal period, during budget reviews. Jun 23,  · A business case provides justification for a proposed business change or plan, and typically outlines the allocation of capital and resources required to implement the proposed business case%(46).

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Create a business case for opening a new position that does not currently exist – or was not included in the current year’s budget Justify requests for additional headcount for the . How To Build A Business Case For Hiring New People? What aspects do I need to focus on to build a rock-solid business case to hire more people? recruitment human-resources. share And rejustifying a position when someone leaves because the workload is too much is pretty frustrating too.