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Top 9 Websites to earn money by writing reviews

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❶The payment is made via PayPal and by check to the writers where PayPal is not available.

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Get free books in exchange for reviews
Top sites to get paid to write book reviews
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Not only they pay for individual reviews, they also accept bulk submissions. You get paid upon submission and approval of your piece. Once you publish the sponsored post, the advertiser will review it and if they like it, it gets approved.

Now, as far as how much you can earn, it depends on the advertiser. So if you own a blog, this is a great way to earn money from your blog , and this can be done in conjunction with other blog monetization methods. What makes this especially attractive is that you can even use one of those free blog sites like Blogger or WordPress. Blogsvertise started back in as a platform for advertisers and bloggers to connect, much like PayPerPost. However, it seems like they have moved away from sponsored posts and are now entirely focused on sponsored ads.

If you are interested, join and submit your blog. Okay, so with the websites we listed above, you actually get paid for sharing your opinion. There are, however, even more websites out there that compensate you for reviews — but in the form of free stuff, rather than cash. The websites below might not give you money, but they will send you lots of free stuff , which is always a plus.

According to Moms Meet, you only review products and services that are supposed to be better for you and for the planet.

Through its rewards program, you can earn points that you can redeem for things like gift cards and free products. We actually have a very detailed review of PINCHme that includes the kind of stuff we have received so far. This company pairs people looking to try new products and share their feedback about them, with brands looking for insights into their products.

Tryazon states that if you fulfilled all of your commitments with a previous brand opportunity that you are likely to be chosen for more opportunities in the future. With Smiley , if you want to keep getting free products for review, then you need to continually earn points. Once you receive your free book, you need to write a word review of it and post it on your blog or website.

Unfortunately, many of the sites mentioned in our original post no longer offer paid review opportunities. Based on your first-hand experience, your reviews will help others decide before purchasing a particular product. How it works is that you earn dooyooMiles when you write the reviews. DooyooMiles can be turned into cash, vouchers, or be donated to a charity of your choice.

You also get extra points when people read your reviews. It is a great review website for those who love reading because you get paid to write summaries and reviews of books , articles, newspapers, academic papers, and websites. They like shorter articles under words , so the readers quickly get the gist of the reviewed item. You register your blog and the advertisers select the blogs whom they want to review their products, services, websites, etc.

SharedReviews works like a social network website. Reviewers are able to write for items listed in over categories. Also, when you cast your vote on a review submitted by other members, you will get a share of their revenue.

It is something different because you are paid when you vote for reviews written by other members. According to the company, RateItAll is a fun social way to write and find reviews about everything. Reviews include items from various categories, from cars, celebrities, and food to bars, games, books, music, movies, and travel. This website stands out because the reviews are written in the form of bullet-pointed lists.

It would be based on the different topics and everyone can give their opinions on the products. This website allows you to write only five reviews a month, though, they may occasionally change the rules. Epinions, which is also claimed to be the largest consumer review website, is where members can earn extra cash by writing reviews on products.

The credits are redeemable in US dollars. The money is paid through PayPal. Buy Blog Reviews is also a great way to monetize your blog. You can register your blogs here for free. Again, use your blog to earn you some extra cash and with Blog Distributor, you can certainly do it. They say you get paid more if your blog is more popular but they still value every blog that is registered with them. Please use Blog Distributor and any other site for that matter I or anybody else recommend, at your own risk.

In it, he pointed out to a few of his posts where he argues that this company refused to pay him for his work until he took the fight to social media and basically tried to put their reputation on the line hoping they would pay him. Hi did finally get paid, but according to Dean, it was only half of what they actually owed him. That said, please also keep in mind that people do have different experiences with the same companies, just like out there in the real world, so dealing with online businesses is the same.

Note to Folks from Blog Distributor: It is easy as you simply search for products you want to review and then make a video of yourself talking about the product. Any kind of product can be reviewed but not prescription medicine, firearms, and tobacco-related items. If you want to earn extra points, you can do so by participating in surveys and inviting your friends to join the website. YV, as I mentioned in a recent post about websites that pay you to write , is a site where you can make decent money by writing articles.

Those are the websites that you can make use of during your free time if you wish to make some extra money. It is crucial to be honest in your reviews that you are being paid to write. People will be reading your reviews, which will somehow play a role in their decision making when buying a product or service. If you can, write your reviews based on your own experiences because that is what the websites and advertisers are looking for. Thanks for the heads up LeRoy.

As for Yahoo Voices, I just noticed it yesterday. I was shocked when I logged in to my account Yes, I do make some extra money by publishing articles there and saw the notice about them shutting it down soon.

I would actually use as many as I can. The reason being, paid review assignments are rare and not available often, and so by signing up for as many sites as you can, you increase your chance of coming across those assignments. The information you provided is very useful. A lot of people are complaining about this site and people should not waste their time and efforts on this site. Thanks for pointing that out, Puneet. I will take a look at it and see if I can find any solid proof of the site not paying people.

These are great collections I must say. Though I have not done any review before; a friend just told me about this. I think eopinion will no longer be available for anyone. You cannot sign in or write any reviews there anymore. I also found out in my research that eopinions closed on February 25, You might want to make the correction in the list above.

Thanks for the heads up Eri. I appreciate your article. From the websites you listed, I have tried some of them. Although I can say that I earned the most money from Review Stream they are surely a website not to be trusted. I can say from my personal experience. Review Stream is a waste of time. I just read the terms and conditions of one review site and they actually say that they will screen record your facial expressions and such. Yes, their program is probably recording your movements on the website you are testing, but they have the ability to turn the camera on you as well.

They want to know how users interact on different websites. Well, PayPal makes it easy for companies to pay people and for people top get paid,which is why most sites use it.

That said, there are many sites that py you to write articles and not necessarily reviews, that do accept freelancers from all over the world. Jamie, you have to check with individual sites to see if they pay by check. I would assume some may, but the majority are moving towards PayPal payments since it makes it much easier and cheaper no stamp and mailing checks.

Blog Distributor is no longer in business. But there is a problem. Many sites built to promote Amazon products end up making very little money.

Imagine that you want to start a blog that promotes cameras. So like many, you write reviews of every camera and related equipment that Amazon sells. And to promote your camera site, you do your best to get backlinks through guest posts, carnival submissions, and the like. In my experience, such a site will generate very little search traffic the lifeblood of most profitable blogs. The problem is that the Internet is overloaded with reviews on just about everything.

A camera review site simply would not be unique. Yet this is exactly what many would-be online moguls do; they put up boring review sites. The competition is overwhelming for most product verticals, and the sites fail to make significant money.

The first is what I call the super review site corny, I know. Rather than just writing reviews, go out and get the product. Then actually use the product and write a detailed review. And as your site grows, many manufacturers will give you product to review for free. And better yet, make video reviews of the product. You can create a YouTube channel for free to publish the video reviews, and then incorporate the videos back into your site.

Over time you could become a YouTube partner, which allows you to monetize your YouTube channel. This is the approach that Chris Guthrie took with NetbookReviews. He literally built the site in his spare time while working a full-time job.

Get free stuff for writing reviews

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Tips on Writing Good Reviews. If you wish to make money writing reviews, we have some tips to help you get started. Always be honest, present pros and cons and finish with if you would recommend the product or service to friends and family.

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I earn income writing reviews, not just pocket-money.. When I talk about making money writing product reviews, you may think of the people on Amazon or other online marketplaces like Yelp that are paid a few cents per review or given store credit for their contribution to the site. While this can be a fun way to earn a bit of extra money or buy some gear at a discount, it's not something I. Writing online is one of the best ways to make money on the Internet and review writing is one of the best writing options online for freelance writers. You can earn some good extra money simply by sharing your thoughts, views or opinions about products, services, websites, books and films etc.

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Most sites built to promote Amazon products end up making very little money. Here's how to do it the right way. Learn How to Make Money Writing Reviews Online by Following this Simple Step by Step Guide.