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5 Powerful Writing Techniques That Bring Stories to Life

1. Invoke multiple senses

❶Named from Euphues the prose romance by John Lyly.

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2. Create intriguing, complex characters
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Instead of just presenting the facts, the writer can let his own opinions come out in the writing. For example, a story written in a first-person technique would have the word "I" worked in throughout the text. A narrative writing style tells a story.

The writer introduces different characters and a setting to the readers, while keeping his or her own voice silent. Narrative stories present a problem that is played out and eventually solved. One of the most common examples of a narrative is a movie script, but narratives are also frequently used in short stories as well.

In a persuasive writing style, the author tries to change the reader's mind on a certain topic or issue. Writers present facts supporting their opinions and try to convince the reader to join in their beliefs. An example of this is often seen in newspaper and magazine columns, or in political speeches.

A story written in a subjective writing technique displays facts from both sides of an issue or subject. The writer is able to use first-person terms such as the word "I", but does not choose one side to support. But she had kind eyes, deep-set under those regrettable brows, and hair as black and thick as that of any woman on the island.

Many, indeed, envied her; but of that Mirali knew nothing. She had no time for envy herself, nor for young men, either. As authors, we must give readers insight into what makes our protagonists tick.

What are their aspirations? Inthis passage, we learn that Mirali, while not conventionally beautiful, is a kind soul who works hard for her parents and is appreciated by her community. We quickly start to become invested in what happens to her. The creature shifted its head to take it delicately from her hand, gulping it down before taking her second offering.

She stroked it as she fed it, caressing its cheekbone, its neck, its gills. The chunks of flesh she fed it were torn from something far larger than a pigeon, and as the kelpie nickered, peeling back its upper lip to sniff for more treats, I saw tiny threads of woven fabric caught on its canine teeth. By revealing a previously undetected detail that helps readers understand the implications, the author causes them to wince and recoil — and wonder what happens next.

Of course, we have many emotion-evoking arrows in our writing quivers — humor, love, determination, anger, and so on. The voice chosen by the author has a profound impact in how readers interpret the story and view the characters. That would be instructive, but rather dull; and so we will tell you, Gentle Reader, that the intrepid Miss Merriemouse-Jones was born in , a wee pup to parents who had no idea that she was destined for greatness. Protective and loving, they encouraged her to find her happiness in the environs of home — running the squeaky wheel in the nursery cage, gnawing upon whatever might sharpen her pearlescent teeth, and wrinkling her tiny pink nose most adorably when vexed.

During her girlhood, Lightning was seldom vexed. Just as the narrator has a distinct voice, characters should have their own unique voices to help readers distinguish one from another and to convey aspects of their personalities. V oice is a terrific tool to help readers get to know and appreciate your characters.

Of course, interesting characters and engaging dialog are important, but writing gripping action scenes is a skill all its own. They seemed to have been put together on the chassis of a gorilla. Their heads were squashed, ugly-looking things, with wide-gaping mouths full of shark-like teeth. The sounds they made were deep, with a frenzied edge of madness, and they piled into the corridor in a wave of massive muscle. The creatures lurched as they moved, like cheap toys that had not been assembled properly, but they were fast, for all of that.

More and more of them flooded into the hallway, and their charge was gaining mass and momentum. There were no words in it, but he meant, I know. The wave of fomorian beings got close enough that I could see the patches of mold clumping their fur, and tendrils of mildew growing upon their exposed skin.

The new military AA automatic shotguns are not the hunting weapons I first handled in my patriotically delusional youth.

They are fully automatic weapons with large circular drums that rather resembled the old Tommy guns made iconic by my business predecessors in Chicago. One pulls the trigger and shell after shell slams through the weapon. A steel target hit by bursts from an AA very rapidly comes to resemble a screen door. The slaughter was indescribable. It swept like a great broom down that hallway, tearing and shredding flesh, splattering blood on the walls and painting them most of the way to the ceiling.

Behind me, Gard stood ready with a heavy-caliber big-game rifle, calmly gunning down any creature that seemed to be reluctant to die before it could reach our defensive point. We piled the bodies so deep that the corpses formed a barrier to our weapons. A well-written action scene thrusts the reader smack into the middle of the story. Readers want to be taken on a journey to another place and time, with characters they care about and whose company they enjoy.

If you enjoyed these excerpts, find the full stories in the new dark fantasy anthology Beyond the Pale. V which really caught their eye. No turning back- the exact words that were ringing in my ears when I discovered the shocking truth- I am obsessed with collecting postage stamps.

Although this may not seem so unusual it was a real shock when I told my friends about it. With this statement I am showing to the examiner that I am aware of the broad audience for this sort of question. This is deemed by the exam board to be quite an advanced skill so if you include them in your writing your likely to get marked well for them. Exaggeration is not necessarily a technique that you would need to include in an explain answer but nevertheless it can always come in handy if you want too add drama to your writing to sound that bit more imaginative and creative.

Most people go on short holidays or breaks, explain why your last holiday was so special. Climate change has become major government policy in recent years. Write an article for your school newspaper explaining why global warming is such a major issue. Resources General Writing Techniques. Writing to Explain Writing to explain you say! To help formulate these ideas you should consider the following points:

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Writing to Explain Writing to explain is the only writing genre that is guaranteed to come up in the language exam, so it is very important that you revise this type of writing.

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Writing to explain: example Below is an account for a repair firm, explaining the nature of a fault and what needs to be done. Spot the techniques which .

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Writing to explain may seem a simpler task to tackle than some of the other writing styles you may be asked to adopt, such as writing to argue, persuade and advise. However it is sometimes the essay writing styles which sound the simplest that require the most technique to get them just right and score maximum points, whether you are writing to . This detailed resource recaps and revises the conventions of writing to explain and focuses on how to answer exam questions. Includes examples to model best practice. 5/5(13).

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Writing to Explain. Writing to explain you say! I can already hear the yawns. Although writing to explain may not be the most interesting of topics don’t let this put you off attempting an explain question in your exam. General Writing Techniques. English Language The Course Media Texts Advise, Persuade or Argue Writing to Advise Writing. In this lesson, we will examine various types of narrative techniques in writing, as well as examples of the literary techniques relevant to style.